Malmesbury Fire Station
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Malmesbury Fire Station is a one pump Retained Fire Station located in Wiltshire close to the Gloucestershire border.
All personnel live and/or work within two miles of the station. When an incident occurs fire fighters are alerted by pagers which are activated by our Control. The fire fighters are required to wear their pagers during the times they are available for fire calls. Once alerted all personnel must respond to the fire station as quickly as possible.
Malmesbury Fire Fighters are trained to deal with exactly the same incidents as our wholetime colleagues. These include Fires, Road traffic collisions, animal rescues and chemical incidents. Due to our geographical location and the river Avon running through out station ground we are also a 'Safe working near water' station. This means we have dry suits and floatation jackets to enable us to conduct water rescues.
Personnel are respond to 'Life calls' in the absense of paramedics. This means we carry a defibrillator on our appliance and are trained to use it.
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